Vice Chairperson

My pledge to you, my fellow students, is one of unwavering commitment to robust communication, holistic wellbeing, and collaboration. In wielding the power vested in the office of the University Student Council Vice Chair, I shall tirelessly endeavor to amplify your voices, acting as an effective conduit between the student body and the university administration. Through dialogue, and comprehensive feedback mechanisms, I will strive to ensure that your concerns, aspirations, and grievances are acknowledged and addressed with urgency and efficacy.

The pressures of academia, personal growth, and professional aspirations often intertwine, leaving us vulnerable and in need of support. I envision a student council that not only addresses your academic concerns but also embraces your emotional, mental, and physical welfare. By fostering partnerships with our own SEKU clubs, we will all promote our mental health awareness, and championing a culture of balance, self-care, and resilience, I will strive to create an atmosphere where you all flourish and reach your full potential because your
Well, being is my priority and your interest at heart always.

As I humbly submit my dedication to the role of University Student Council Vice Chair, I implore you to place your trust in me as we embark on this journey towards a stronger, more inclusive future where integrity, transparency and inclusivity are core pillars.

Ms. Brenda Kaguri Vice-chairperson
Ms. Rose Wanjiru Mwangi

Secretary General

Mr. Austine Okumu Orengo - Secretary General
Mr. Njoroge Alex Gitau
Secretary General

Efficiency is not just a goal ; it is a guiding principle. As the SEKUSA secretary general I have a vision for an efficient and inclusive student government that truly serves our collective interests.
With deep sense of responsibility and commitment to fostering unity and cooperation, I pledge to be a dedicated advocate for the student body. I will work tirelessly to address students concerns, amplify their ideas, and ensure that our academic environment is conducive to success. Transparency and open communication will be the cornerstone of my approach.

Academic Secretary

I am thrilled to serve as the Academic secretary for 2023/2024 Academic year within the esteemed students council. As a dedicated leader, I am passionate about contributing to the academic success and overall well-being of our diverse student body. In my capacity, I will collaborate with fellow student leaders, faculty, and university administrators to advocate for the academic interests and needs of our students’ community. My responsibilities are to ensure a conducive learning environment for our students and staff; by making sure there adequate furniture, lights, sockets and the white boards (all in good working condition).

I will also address and follow up student's missing marks and all other issues pertaining students’ academic welfare to the respective offices. In addition, I will ensure students have registered units on time before the closure of the portal. Finally, I will actively participate in students’ organizations, committees, and campus initiatives. These experiences will not only contribute to my personal growth but also provide me with valuable insights into the diverse Perspectives within our university community.

Mr. Noah Onchieku - Academic Secretary
Mr. Francis Makau Muviku
Academic Secretary


Lihavi Dolfine - Treasure
Ms. Beatrice Wangeci Wambui

I am honored to serve as the treasurer in this prestigious institution known for excellence and holistic development of students. As mandated by the constitution, I would ensure all money allocated for the 2023/2024 academic year budget is spent on all the events to serve the interest of all students. In collaboration with other SGC leaders, we shall push for adequate funding for students’ projects and activities like games, festivals, sport, cultural week and work study program. Finally, I would ensure there is money set aside for the bereaved student families and needy students’ kitty.

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