South Eastern Kenya University Student Association

The South Eastern Kenya University students association is a body approved by the senate and registered by the South Eastern Kenya University council. It’s a body constituted to represent students’ rights while monitoring the conduct of students. Its headquarter is located within the main campus and represents students across the different satellite campuses in all students’ matters. The association leadership is based on an election that determines the office bearers to the office which is independently vied for by its members where all the democratic rights constituted are upheld. The seven different positions are differently ranked. Its election is held once within an academic year during the first semester. 

The body works in collaboration with the university management to ensure the prosperity of the institution academically both in Kenya and globally. The student’s body is represented well in all matters on discussion concerning the students. Upon the declaration of the nominated aspirants the process of the inauguration, transition and induction commence. Induction is usually taken outside the university premises to give a humble interaction between the management the outgoing leaders and the incoming regime. The 2021/2022 students governing council was taken for an induction at the Kyaka hotel in Machakos County, where they were taught how the management works and its different organs. During the induction process, there was a vigorous educative process where the leaders learned how to be the bridge between the students and management on matters of discussion. The vital role of the management was going through in ensuring the university thrives in all fields but majorly academics being the core value. The interaction creates a lasting rapport that the efforts of both organs ought to work hand in hand to realize the fruitful running of the institution’s affairs. The occasion took place in a serene environment and throughout the process, it was observed that leadership instills good morals in individuals and creates room for change, and also invokes the status of responsibility.

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