Mr. Brian Kibet - Chairperson
Mr. Brian Kibet

Hello, I convey my greetings to you all. I am Kibet Brian the Student’s Governing council Chairman. It’s a privilege and opportunity to serve in the academic year 2021/2022, and having been entrusted the role to lead gives me an upper hand to diligently discharge my ruling, duties and decisions wisely in favour of all without discriminations or bias. In coordination with the other six SEKUSA officials we have gone a millage in ensuring the students body in general remains steadfast in its operations. I represent students in different committees and stand in with them to ensure clear and honest verdict to all. We have ensured the work-study programs are reinstated in for the students who are needy and also those who feel can play part in bettering our university. The Christian Union Association have been fellowshipping inconveniently hence we have lobbied for a suitable location (land) to worship conveniently thus a land of five hectares was given to them.
We have created an email for the whole student fraternity to communicate to us through; We have lobbied with the management and believe to roll-out several projects in the academic year 2022/2023 which include: a new dam site, bus stop at the college of humanities and also a new generator to service the Yatta cluster hostels. Thank you all for the unending support and we will always strive to be an epitome of a resilient government in terms of service delivery. Let us come together to shine and stand out strong to make SEKU a place of greater heights and make it better than we found it. As I end SEKU will never require us but we will always need SEKU. God bless you all.

Secretary General

Dear comrades of goodwill, I'm Austine Okumu Orengo It is my pleasure to serve you as the secretary General in the academic year 2021/2022. As the spokesperson of the University, l have ensured that most of our students have acquired copyright emails which has greatly helped to circulate information within the University. l have equally represented our students well at the University Senate and the student disciplinary committee. I have also ensured that notices of AGM and SGM are issued out on time. We have worked as a team to ensure more shades have been provided in the University. We are still following on the issue of the Smart cards to ensure each student has one. So far, TVET students have acquired their Smart cards.

Mr. Austine Okumu Orengo - Secretary General
Mr. Austine Orengo
Secretary General

Vice Chairperson

Ms. Brenda Kaguri Vice-chairperson
Ms. Brenda Kaguri

I'm Brenda Mwambua Kaguri, Vice Chairperson academic year 2021/2022. Let me thank the South Eastern Kenya University management for the support they have given us on matters of security. we have been able to do some renovations on the street lights at the main campus thus ensuring safety of the students and staff members at large. We also ensured safety of the students to and from main campus and Kwa-Vonza is catered for, by ensuring vehicles and buses carrying students are in good condition.

Academic Secretary

I'm Noah Onchieku, the academic secretary, academic year 2021/2022. I ensured that class representatives and delegates were awarded a certificate of recognition. We also ensured that the academic trips for science-based students were facilitated without delay. Teaching practice counties were increased from Machakos, Kitui and Makueni to extra counties I.e Nairobi, Kiambu, upper Kajiado and Embu. We also ensured all students who had paid their fee though not on time registered for their units and sat for the exams. We have struggled to ensure all missing marks for the students are produced. We are still following on the issue of retake fee with the management.

Mr. Noah Onchieku - Academic Secretary
Mr. Noah Onchieku
Academic Secretary


Lihavi Dolfine - Treasure
Ms. Lihavi Dolfine

I'm Dolfine Lihavi, Treasurer SEKUSA. I thank the University management for supporting SEKUSA in resumption of events and also providing funds to run the event successfully. We had a talent night event and one disco night on academic year 2021/2022 second semester and it was very successful. In conjunction with my colleagues and the dean’s office, we have ensured all the needy students have been provided with meal voucher so that they can get food from the mess Also in collaboration with the catering department, we have ensured that there is TILL NUMBER in all messes so that our students can efficiently pay for their food through mpesa. We have also managed to purchase some items in our SGC office which were not there through petty cash, such as: Two bibles, one dustbin and 7 files.

Satellite Campus Representative

I'm Dennis Musau Keli, am delighted to make my remarks at this particular moment as the satellite campus representative academic year 2021/2022. One hallmark achievement was ensuring the initiation of public lectures, motivational talks and sensitization events like the great lectures by Mr. T. Mwangi, Ajira Digital and The Fire Safety Sensitization Team. I have been making sure that Campus opportunities are as equally distributed as possible for each and every student i.e The covid-19 vaccination, guidance and counselling, Wi-Fi bandwidth increment, and many administrative services. In the communication sector, I have been ensuring ultimate dissemination of crucial information like official memos and medication referral letters, through internal memos and online circulation. I persistently ensured facilitation of social welfare programs like hunger rescue and funeral aid programs. In conclusion, the increased security patrols in the roads towards Kitui Campus is just a portion of my track record. My record exemplifies passionate, self-driven advocacy on behalf of all of us. Thank you very much and may God bless SEKU fraternity.

Mr. Denis Keli Musau - Satellite Campuses Representative
Mr. Denis Keli
Campuses Rep.

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