Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention UnitThe Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) prevention unit has continued to work towards improving the students’ and staff’s quality of life in fulfilling its mandate of sensitising the University community on the causes, effects and prevention of the alcohol and drug abuse. The Unit helps those identified to be abusing alcohol and drugs through counseling and referrals. In the extreme cases where the affected have become addicts, rehabilitation has been recommend. For those referred for rehabilitation, the Unit makes follow up to endure recovery.

Since its inception the Unit has realized the following achievements: Development of the University Alcohol and drug Abuse policy; Reduction of the use of alcohol and drug abuse in the university through sensitization, Counseling, education; and University award of the certificate of compliance to FY 2014/2015 Performance contracting guidelines on the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse.
The ADA Unit plans to start a specific club for students with the aim of identifying, sensitising, counselling and educating the students who are abusing alcohol and drugs for a behavior change. The Unit is committed to making SEKU an alcohol and Drug Abuse free zone.”

Ms. Regina W. Wambua
Coordinator – Alcohol, Drug and Substance Abuse Unit


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