Sports and games is Section executing its role under Dean of Students. We are mandated to provide service to all and not limited to students but also members of staff.
Our section offers an equal opportunity to all who wish to participate in physical activities either as leisure or at competitive levels for both students and staff (both men and female).
Engaging in sports plays beneficial role towards the wellbeing of an individual both mentally and physically. In so doing, we ensure all our participants are well facilitated during internal and external sports events like CEKUSA Leagues and Championships.
All are welcomed to join the University teams through Sports Office located at TBH 1 ground floor.

The sports performance of the University teams stands tall in whichever events we’ve participated in. All our teams have performed exemplary in all sporting activities having represented the CEKUSA in KUSA Nationals. In every academic year, we take part in CEKUSA events.
Below are the events/tournaments that our teams have excelled in;

  • KUSA Central (CEKUSA) championships and leagues.
  • KUSA Nationals.
  • Other Open tournaments like Friendlies and SEKU Opens.

Sports offered at South Eastern Kenya University includes;

  1. Soccer-men and female
  2. Basketball- men and female
  3. Hockey- men and female
  4. Lawn tennis- men and female
  5. Netball- women
  6. Handball – men and female
  7. Volleyball- men and female
  8. Badminton- men and female
  9. Table tennis- men and female
  10. Rugby- men and female

The University has its own sports facilities that meet the national standards. They include;

  1. Soccer fields
  2. Basketball courts
  3. Hockey field
  4. Lawn tennis courts
  5. Netball courts
  6. Athletic track
  7. Volleyball courts
  8. Handball courts

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