I take this opportunity to congratulate the graduands on completing their studies at SEKU. We have interacted with you in our various departments and we are proud of your achievements. Your welfare in SEKU has been our foremost concern. Your participation in sports has raised your profile and that of the University alike. The entertainment department has created memorable moments and experiences in your campus life. The guidance and counselling department has walked with a majority of you in making critical decisions in your live and maintaining a healthy self-perception, and a positive attitude to life in general. 

As you graduate, remember that the technical skills you have gained in your training may get you an interview but soft skills will get you the job. As young graduates and professionals, you must demonstrate to the world your abilities and skills in several areas, including problem solving, conflict resolution and critical observation.

You are entering a competitive world where communications skills are valuable. You do not have to be a brilliant orator or writer; but you have to express yourself well, be it in writing a coherent memo, persuading others with a presentation or just being able to calmly explain to a team member what you need. Though competitive, the world also needs teamwork. For better performance you should be able to play well with the rest of the team. This means sometimes being a leader, other times being a follower, monitoring the progress of activities, meeting deadlines and working with others to achieve a common goal.
In your search for fulfilment in life after campus remember the adage “Your world is as big as you make it”. Make your exploits as a responsible citizen big, big enough to imbibe every good thing and opportunity that can make you what you intended to be in life.

Gender Mainstreaming Unit

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Complaints Handling Unit

Complaints Handling Unit The Government of Kenya has established the Commission on Administrative Justice (KAJ) with the mandate to enforce fair play in the public Read more

SEKUSA President

Ronald Kandie My fellow Students, I take this opportunity to thank you all for your resilience, patience and strong support and continuously believing in our leadership style. Despite struggles Read more
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