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HIV and AIDS Control UnitThe HIV and AIDS control Unit was constituted to tackle issues regarding HIV and AIDS in the University. Its operations are guided by Statute XXI of the University, and are overseen by a five-member committee chaired by Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic, Research and Students’ Affairs

The unit’s vision is to have zero HIV infections in the University and to have those already with the virus live healthy and positive. It is devoted to the operationalization of activities for the prevention and management of HIV and AIDS within and around the university.
The unit works in close relationship with the Government of Kenya through the National AIDS Control Council, the Ministry of Health, Kenya National AIDS and STI Control Programme-NASCOP, I Choose Life and LVCT- Liverpool VCT. Within the University, the unit works closely with the office of the dean of students and the university’s health unit.
Some notable achievements of the unit in the recent past are:

  • A well-attended five-day Integrated health week which incorporated a VCT for HIV testing, examination for breast cancer and examination for cervical cancer
  • Door to Door HIV and AIDS awareness campaign targeting all staff and students during the first week of December (accompanying World AIDS Day celebrations) carried out by the University’s peer counselors’ team. This was enhanced by the distribution of red ribbons which were pinned on all individuals reached.
  • HIV and AIDS sensitization and awareness during the culture week by the ACU coordinator and a team from NASCOP


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