Gender Mainstreaming UnitAs a stakeholder in the Kenya’s education system, where wide gender gaps have been noted to exist, South Eastern Kenya University has moved to address these gaps and mainstream gender in all sectors of the University. A major strategy has been the establishment of the Gender Mainstreaming Board headed by a coordinator and a six-member Gender Mainstreaming Development Committee, with the mandate to spearhead gender related matters within the University through various activities include: developing, implementing, evaluating and reviewing the University Gender Policy, mainstreaming gender issues in all University policies, programmes, establishment and strengthening of existing partnerships and collaborations in gender and education. 

A gender mainstreaming policy, providing a broad framework of the principles and strategies to be pursued in order to achieve equity across the institution’s setup has also been developed and is awaiting implementations. In collaboration with the NUFFIC-funded NICHE Kenya project, the Unit has sensitised staff and students on gender issues. SEKU has made progress towards the attainment of the two thirds gender representation particularly in recruitment and promotion of staff.

Dr. Grace M. Mutia
Coordinator, Gender Mainstreaming Unit