Complaints Handling Unit

The Government of Kenya has established the Commission on Administrative Justice (KAJ) with the mandate to enforce fair play in the public sector by instituting effective systems for complaints handling alternative dispute resolution. The Commission performs an oversight role across the public sector through checks on the processes, systems and procedures employed in in service delivery. CAJ plays a crucial role in performance contracting, by monitoring the public complaints resolution as one key performance indicator.
As a public institution, South Eastern Kenya University is committed to fulfilling this statutory obligation. The University has established its own complaints handling unit with the following brief: Establishing a complaints handling and management infrastructure in the University; conducting capacity building for complaints handling officers and staff; creating awareness on the existence of complains handling system in the University; and resolving complaints received and submitting reports to the CAJ
So far, the Unit has diligently worked to fulfill this mandate. It has conducted awareness creation, organized capacity building for complaints handling officers and staff in general. The Unit has also continued to resolve complaints and they emerge in various service areas.