I am filled with joy as I welcome all our stakeholders to witness this great achievements by our senior comrades who are today set to be crowned after a resilient struggle spanning many years. The realization that we are now set to part company brings a mixture of trepidation and joy as we struggle to fill the void you are leaving behind, while reveling in the reality that you are now moving out ready to fulfill the purpose of your admission here a couple of years ago. 

All in all, we delight in the knowledge that, as you get into life beyond SEKU, you have matured and gained skills and proficiency, ready to tackle employment challenges and further your education..
Dear comrades, accept my tribute to each one of you. You have remained true to your cause and have guided us through to peaceful coexistence, brotherhood and fruitful leadership. We are greatly delighted that, as you graduate today, you are leaving behind an enduring legacy of excellence, achievement and a fine tradition that we that you are leaving behind shall strive to emulate and uphold. The entire SEKU community will remember and cherish you as the young men and women who sacrificed their pleasure and comfort, braving the hardships that characterized life in SEKU in those early days. You worked hard to ensure life for the comrade was made bearable. We have taken over the mantle and, guided by our rallying call: Comrades Must Enjoy, we shall not let you down. Once again, I say, fare thee well, comrades. May God bless you.


Gender Mainstreaming Unit

Gender Mainstreaming UnitAs a stakeholder in the Kenya’s education system, where wide gender gaps have been noted to exist, South Eastern Kenya University has moved to address these gaps Read more

Complaints Handling Unit

Complaints Handling Unit The Government of Kenya has established the Commission on Administrative Justice (KAJ) with the mandate to enforce fair play in the public Read more

SEKUSA President

Ronald Kandie My fellow Students, I take this opportunity to thank you all for your resilience, patience and strong support and continuously believing in our leadership style. Despite struggles Read more
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